MagneGas & Pinellas County Technical Rescue Team Partner on “Best for the Best” Training Program and MagneTote

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As the Director of Business Development for MagneGas, I have the extraordinary pleasure to work with folks who like to cut metal on a daily basis! I am pleased to share one of our wonderful educational programs, our “Best for the Best” program.

Through our “Best for the Best” program, we work with Emergency Management officials throughout the state of Florida to help them train in the event that a metal cutting rescue or extrication is necessary and also to provide them with necessary tools so that they can perform this important job quickly and efficiently.

In light of this, we saw a need for a compact tool that was quick, effective and efficient. Our MagneTote (pictured below) is an innovative all-in-one metal cutting tool and torch system for use by fire departments and other first responders. We have worked diligently with the Pinellas County Technical Rescue Team (TRT) to help with the development and overall design of this revolutionary tool which is now being utilized all over the State of Florida.

As part of our educational efforts, our team recently had the privilege to conduct a MagneGas training session for the dedicated members of the Pinellas County TRT, along with some of the local firefighters in their torch cutting classes. We educated them on the many benefits of utilizing our MagneTote in their operations to make their jobs more efficient, more effective, and above all – safer.

magnegas-welding MagneTote_web

With the ease of use of the MagneTote, it took very little time to train all of their crews to achieve proficiency, and MagneTote has since been adopted as the preferred metal cutting tool for the entire Pinellas County Technical Rescue Team.

We firmly believe that MagneGas is going to be a rescue industry standard, and we remain committed to educating emergency management instructors and rescue operators to help us spread the word.

Thank you, Pinellas County Technical Rescue Team for participating in our MagneGas “Best for the Best” program, and we look forward to continuing to work together!

Be sure to check back on the MagneGas Blog for more updates on our “Best for the Best” program and ongoing happenings.

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Steven D. Voight

Director of Business Development

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Pinellas Country TRT Thank You Letter

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