MagneGas® & MagneTote™ for Utility Company Repair + Final Countdown to Vote Yes for Solar

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From service interruptions due to weather events and lightning strikes to scheduled power plant outages, electric utility companies are constantly repairing and upgrading their systems and equipment. Their maintenance crews are constantly on the lookout for the best products and tools available to help them become more effective and efficient. Repairs need to happen quickly so that power can be restored, and MagneGas is helping them with this task.

MagneGas2® is a safer, faster and more-efficient replacement for acetylene. Made from liquid wastes and renewables, MagneGas2® helps these maintenance crews cut metal faster and safer than using acetylene. When combined with the MagneTote™, an all-in-one portable metal cutting torch system, maintenance crews have a cutting tool that eliminates the need for long, unsafe torch hoses. Everything needed for metal cutting is right at their fingertips. One company, PSE&G, is in the process of changing over to using MagneGas2® for HVAC repairs and fleet repairs for their road crews, as well as looking at uses in other areas of the company. Other companies use these tools for cutting out exhaust and damaged steel parts on their work trucks. Yet another uses them when they shut down a generator to rebuild and replace anything showing signs of wear or aging.

When it comes to making repairs and restoring power, these maintenance crews are dedicated to getting the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently, and MagneGas2® and MagneTote™ are both important tools in their kits.

REMINDER! Final Countdown to Vote Yes for Solar
With two weeks left before the big primary on August 30th across Florida, we encourage all Florida voters to vote YES on Amendment 4.

To become law, Amendment 4 must be approved by a YES vote of at least 60 percent on the August 30th primary ballot.

More details here.

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