Major Movers for MagneGas in August

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MagneGas in the Media – Gasworld Feature

blue-gasworld-logoSpecial thanks to Gasworld for covering MagneGas2® in our latest press coverage. MagneGas2® is the big change coming in alternative cutting fuels. We’re challenging the century old legacy fuel, acetylene, in metal cutting. MagneGas2® is made from renewables, burns hotter, cuts faster, is safer and more stable than its competitors.

metal cutting imageOur position is unique as we are pushing the industrial gas market forward into the next century with safer, faster, more efficient and eco-friendly technologies.



city of sarasotaSarasota to become the 4th E.S.S.I. Location in the MagneGas Family

MagneGas has already made waves in August with its expansion of E.S.S.I. into Sarasota, Florida. This newest addition to the MagneGas family and their 4th retail location will be targeting Southwest Florida, providing the area with all their industrial gas and metalworking needs. Thank you to Area Development for covering our latest expansion.

Troy Galvin, the Sarasota Branch Manager, updates us about the progress of the site. “Transformation of the new Sarasota location is moving along nicely. We are looking forward to being fully operational within 4-6 weeks,” he says,  “I am excited for the growth potential this location will provide.”

Our E.S.S.I. family continues to grow and with them, we are growing their distribution partners. As covered by Gasworld, MagneGas has become an authorized distributor for custom specialty gas mixture supplier, Global Calibration Gases (GCG).

Lakeland E.S.S.I. Team Celebrates

Our Lakeland E.S.S.I. team is all smiles after celebrating their Grand Opening last month. Congratulations on all your hard work!

Thanks to Gasworld for covering our expansion into Southeastern Florida.


imageVoteOne Day to Vote Yes on Amendment 4 in Florida

August 30 is the big day in Florida renewable energy future with the Amendment 4 vote on the primary ballots. MagneGas encourages all Florida voters to vote YES on Amendment 4. Read more here.



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