MagneGas Encourages all Florida Voters to Vote NO on Amendment 1

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MagneGas Encourages Florida Voters to VOTE NO on Amendment 1 on Florida’s November Ballot

votenoAs a Company that remains focused on and committed to sustainable technology and renewable energy practices, MagneGas doesn’t support the utility monopolies blocking solar power with more fees and regulations under the deceptive guise of “protecting consumer rights.” Don’t be fooled!

There have been two Florida amendments concerning solar power, but one is backed by the utility companies trying to charge and limit solar.

Here are the issues with Amendment 1:

Amendment 1 provides no new right to have solar and places permanent, critical restrictions on existing solar rights:

  • Floridians already have the right to own or lease solar equipment on their property to generate electricity for their own use. The language of the amendment sounds appealing, but will not grant any new rights for Floridians.
  • Amendment 1 will change the Florida Constitution to include a presumption that non-solar customers (i.e. electric companies) “subsidize” solar customers. This presumption will give power companies Constitutional protections to charge you if you install solar, under the deceptive guise of “protecting consumer rights”.
  • Amendment 1 will be used by power companies to attack Florida’s net metering rule which currently allows customers to get credit for generating solar power and sending their excess energy back to the grid. This policy is key to making the economics of solar work. Power companies don’t like it because it allows Floridians to generate their own power and pay less on their electric bills.

The solar power debate and Amendment 1 remains a hot topic with many media outlets covering the confusion in the two competing amendments, as featured in this Rolling Stone article discussing how solar initiatives have been blocked all over the country, specifically in the Sunshine State.

As cited in the article, “Despite the name, their amendment doesn’t advance the cause of solar power. Quite the reverse: ‘It locks existing statute into the constitution,’ says a skeptical Republican Florida lawmaker.”

     Illustration by Victor Juhasz

Other recent coverage includes: Huffington Post, St Peters Blog, Miami Herald, Orlando Sentinel, Tampa Bay Times, Orlando Weekly, and Florida Politics.

Learn more on the Vote No on 1 campaign here, and stay up to date on their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Want more solar in the Sunshine State? Join us in Voting NO on Amendment 1 on Florida’s November Ballot!

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